How to Remove Negative Seller Feedback on Amazon

If you are an Amazon seller, you know that customers can leave reviews on Amazon, but did you know they can leave reviews on your online store.

Sometimes these reviews can be cheerful applause of how well you are running your business, but occasionally these reviews can not be so great.

As a long-term seller on Amazon, seller feedback can determine whether your business will generate more sales each month or whether you need to rebrand. Negative seller feedback can be the death of Amazon FBA sellers, but there is a way around this.

Impact of Negative Seller Feedback

Positive account feedback helps you earn more sales whereas negative feedback as you might think does the opposite. Amazon’s algorithm prefers sellers with higher ratings because they want people who will represent retailers with a good image.

Effects of Negative Seller Feedback on you Account

Having negative seller feedback on your account results in loss of buy boxes, causing a competitive disadvantage against other sellers.

Not only is negative feedback detrimental to your sales, but it can affect the overall health of your account, which can lead to IP complaints and account suspension.

These effects can last as long as 180 days if they are successfully appealed and will remain on your account after a certain amount of time.

Say Goodbye to Auto-Ungating

Another vital reason to keep track of your account feedback is to aid future auto-ungating brands and categories.

To receive an invoice for ungating, you’ll need to undertake research, discover trustworthy wholesalers, and perhaps purchase hundreds of dollars in inventory without solid metrics.

When consumer feedback confirms you as a trustworthy 3rd-party seller of genuine goods, Amazon is more ready to provide you free, immediate entry to restricted categories. Because of the lower competition and better profit margins, these categories are highly desirable.

Get Rid of Negative Product Reviews

In my opinion, Any feedback under 4 stars should try to be removed, which can be accomplished by requesting removal on Amazon Seller Central. From what I have observed, sellers start to lose buy box shares with anything under 95%-98% in positive ratings.

If there is any reviews relating to product reviews, fulfilment issues or anything that says anything personal about the seller is subject for removal and can be removed by clicking the drop down arrow and hitting request removal on the feedback section in your seller account.

negative seller feedback removal

If Reviews Do Not Get Removed

The next step if your negative feedback does not get removed is to contact Amazon support or contacting the seller about the issue.

Here is a simple template:

“Hello, I received seller feedback from a buyer that I think should be a product review page, OR is due to Amazon fulfilling on my behalf as an FBA seller. This is the order number (order number). I’ve placed the message’s content here for your convenience: (content of the review) Please erase this negative feedback from my account as a merchant. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

If the negative review is still on your sellers account a last resort is to contact the customer.

How to Respond to Customer Feedback on Amazon

It would be best to be very thoughtful and careful with contacting the customer because these are Amazon’s customers, not your customers. Be professional in your response, and do not offend the customer, as this can result in permanent account suspension.

Even if it is not your fault, the customer is always right; that is just business. Per Amazon’s rules, do not ask for a positive feedback response; this can cause many issues. Instead, ask if there is anything you can do to turn this into a positive experience.

Do not make any connections between the solution and them getting rid of their negative comments. Implying this will likely be interpreted as an attempt to sway reviews.

Here is a simple template:

Hi, (Customer’s Name)

I am reaching out to you about your recent feedback, and I want to do everything I can to turn this into a positive experience.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for (whatever the review was about).

Please acknowledge my steps to make sure this never happens to you or anyone else in the future. I have (offered a partial refund… or a new product).

Have a great day

(Business Name)

It is uncommon for the customer to respond, but occasionally, they do. In case of a response, address any other concerns and if they would update their feedback. Again, do not ask for positive feedback.

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