Seller Tips for Doing Arbitrage on Amazon
online arbitrage sourcing lists

An online arbitrage source list is simply a list of profitable product leads for you to evaluate, analyze, and buy in order to start an online arbitrage business.

If you sell on Amazon, you must follow their restrictions, so keep an eye on their constantly changing policies.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to Amazon arbitrage.

  • Keep Amazon’s costs in mind when sourcing for reselling on Amazon so you may factor in a profit for yourself.
  • For things sold as “new” condition on Amazon, you may be required to show invoices.
  • Trademark owners may ask Amazon to prohibit merchants from using arbitrage to sell things.
  • Brand owners may demand that arbitrage stock be offered “as new.”
  • Keep track of an item’s price and rank history with Chrome browser extensions like Keepa and CamelCamelCamel so you can profit as quickly as feasible.
  • Avoid items with unusual or rapid price increases, as these typically translate to lower or narrower profit margins on Amazon.
  • Start arbitrage on Amazon the same way you’d start lending money: don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose.
  • Reinvest your profits in fresh inventory after smelling what sells.
  • Look for quick resale chances to save money on storage and earn a faster return on your investment.
  • When it comes to research, remember the phrase “measure twice, cut once.”
  • Consider hiring staff to buy and ship products.

Why People Fail With Amazon Online Arbitrage

  • False expectations
  • Lack of Data/ impulsive buying
  • Chasing sales/revenue and not profit
  • One man band mentality
  • Systems mindset
  • Lack of investment
  • Accounting (purchasing)
  • Accounting (money management)
  • Expanding too quickly
  • Fixed mindset – lack of learning


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