Turn Amazon Product Returns to Money with these Expert Tips

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If you are an experienced Amazon seller, you have probably come across a inaccurate Amazon product return. Product return fraud is very common and can be very irritating to sellers who lost money, but you can actually turn that product return into cash.

Relisting Amazon Product Returns

Fraudulent Amazon product returns are very familiar to Amazon sellers, which means the products are not damaged or mismatched as described by the returner. These products cover more than 60% of Amazon returns and can be relisted as new.

Typically, you’ll get an Amazon product return that was undamaged due to a change of heart on the customer’s part. In this scenario, relisting the goods on Amazon is the most convenient choice.

If an Amazon return is noticeable worn or slightly used, sellers can move to eBay as a backup option. Buyers worldwide still buy off eBay, which gives you yet another opportunity to make your money.

Dealing with Merchant Fulfilled Fraudulent Returns

If you sell on eBay or fulfill your own Amazon sales, every return will be sent to you, and you will be able to witness it firsthand.

As a merchant that fulfills their own orders, you may encounter return fraud in the following ways:

  1. The box is completely empty.
  2. To circumvent a low weight being reported in the postage system, the buyer may use prepaid labels and a drop-off delivery service.
  3. Dirt, rubbish, and even rocks can be found in the packaging. When the return is handled or weighed, the goal is to make it appear genuine.
  4. It’s a whole different product.
  5. Older models or cheaper versions of cellphones and other equipment have been known to be sent by buyers.

One way to prevent this is using a 3PL service. You’ll be depending on a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to inspect your returns and take appropriate action if you fulfill your orders. Some 3PLs offer a variety of return processing services, while others just return your returns to you.

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