What is An Online Arbitrage Sourcing List
online arbitrage sourcing list

An online arbitrage source list is simply a list of profitable product leads for you to evaluate, analyze, and buy in order to start an online arbitrage business.

There are a variety of online arbitrage sourcing list choices available today, each with its own set of criteria, lead type, amount of leads, and maximum subscribers.

Online arbitrage sourcing lists differ from BOLO (be on the lookout) groups, which frequently have no limit on the number of people who can join. Furthermore, several BOLO groups require members to provide a certain amount of leads each month. These groups can be beneficial, but they are probably better suited to a more experienced seller.

If you’re not sure what online arbitrage is, take a look at this post from last year: https://slinkyoa.com/online-arbitrage-guide/

Let’s go over four things you should know before signing up for an online arbitrage sourcing list.

4 Main Factors to Consider before Buying an Online Arbitrage List

1.) Criteria- Each list will have its own set of criteria they follow, and these criteria should be made public prior to anyone signing up. Criteria may include the following:

  • Minimum Profit – A typical minimum profit for a large number of vendors is roughly $3 per lead, and it may or may not include shipping estimates, taxes, prep costs, and other fees that are difficult to predict. The sourcing list, on the other hand, should provide the expected profit for each lead after Amazon deducts pick and pack fees and FBA fees.
  • Minimum ROI- Each online arbitrage sourcing list should have a minimum standard requirement for return on investment, similar to minimum profit. Again, other costs may or may not be included in this computation, but Amazon’s fees are included.
  • Minimum expected monthly sales – The majority of online arbitrage sourcing lists will provide a minimum anticipated monthly sales figure for each lead. I frequently see this range of 10 to 30. This number does not imply that if you are a seller, you would sell between 10 and 30 items every month, but the product itself sells around that amount. Because Amazon does not freely disclose this information with us, the anticipated monthly sales are only an estimate.

2.) Type of leads- A new seller wouldn’t want to join up for an online arbitrage source list that exclusively sells beauty products because that category isn’t approved for new accounts. They would receive a large number of leads with which they would be unable to accomplish anything. The following are some examples of sourcing list possibilities…

  • Mixed Leads- This is the most frequent form of list because it can include leads from a variety of categories. Mixed lead lists are typically the most popular among clients.
  • International lists- International lists are another form of online arbitrage sourcing list that is gaining popularity. As the online arbitrage business model grows, I’ve seen more lists made expressly for vendors in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and other nations.
  • Category-specific leads- Online arbitrage source lists are getting more popular in recent years as many vendors are naturally inclined to a specific category such as beauty, groceries, toys, and so on…

3.) Number of leads and lists- Online arbitrage sourcing list suppliers will inform you how many leads you can expect per list. They should also inform you of the number of lists you will receive each week or month. At OA Hunt, all of our lists are sent 5 times every week, however the number of leads on each list varies. In the space, some common numbers are

  • 5 leads per weekday
  • 10 leads per weekday

4.) The maximum number of subscribers- You’ll be better off if there are fewer eyes looking at the same leads as you. When list providers allow 55 or more people to see the same leads, saturation and “price tanking” are common outcomes. When the price of an item continually declines, the profitability of the item decreases as well.


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